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InPost Integration

We created that app, so you can easily connect Shopify with InPost and allow your customers to enjoy one of the most convenient delivery methods in Poland – local parcel lockers.

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Direct integration

It won’t take you long to install the integration and start using InPost as a delivery method in your store.

Fast checkout

It contains a drop-down menu with a parcel locker location, so the checkout experience remains fast.

Quick installation

All you need to start using the integration is a Shopify store, an InPost account, and our app.

How does it work?

Once InPost + Shopify integration is set up, your Shopify store is connected with InPost. Your customer can pick it as a delivery method at the checkout.

One of the most loved delivery methods

Install our Shopify + InPost integration and allow your customers to choose whether they want their package delivered by courier or to Paczkomaty.

Free to install in every Shopify store

The integration is available at the Shopify App Store. Any merchant can install it and use it. It’s a direct integration, so no third-party tools are needed.

How to install an InPost + Shopify app?

The app will be available in the Shopify App Store, but for now, contact us, and we will gladly install the app for you.

How much does the integration with InPost cost?

The app is totally free forever. That’s not the end of the story, though. We charge $15 a month for using it.

Will there be a map with parcel lockers at the checkout?

Users won’t select their preferred parcel locker from the map, as it could slow down the checkout process. They can pick one of the closest ones to them or pick whatever they like from the drop-down menu.

What do I need to use the integration?

To use the integration with InPost, please enable “Carrier-Calculated Shipping” in the Shopify admin panel. You can do that by paying for Shopify a year upfront or buying this option for $20 a month. Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus have this option built-in.

Who can I ask for help with the integration?

Our agency will assist you with installation, answer every question, and maintain the app. Contact us whenever you have doubts.

Download now and start selling

Download the resource and if you need any help – reach out to us. We help brands build, optimize and grow Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. We have a reasonable rating system that fits every budget.

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