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Shopware to Shopify Migration Services

Need to scale up your business and migrate your online store from Shopware to Shopify? You’ve come to the right place! Moving your e-commerce to Shopify Plus is quite a challenge, but a challenge that really pays off – get prepared for a new quality and a solid increase in your conversion rate.

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At Incline Solutions, we have years of experience in migration, and we’ll make sure yours don’t get complicated. We’ll migrate your store smoothly, without losing any data or SEO rankings. We have the best team of professionals who will help you reach new heights of revenue by migrating your e-commerce to Shopify (find out how Vetsak doubled their sales in our success story).

How to migrate from Shopware to Shopify with Incline Solutions?

Shopify migration may not be the easiest decision in your life. However, we guarantee unwavering assurance for your store built to deliver extraordinary performance and impressive efficiency. We are here for you to help you migrate your product and sales data so that you can focus on what’s more crucial – running and monetizing your business. We’ll make sure everything (product attributes, pages, titles, SEO data, prices, navigation, etc.) is in place. Also, we’ll be happy to help you build your own integrations that will be synced with a Shopify or Shopify Plus store. Migration is a very complex change for your business – it requires risk management and making important business decisions. However, we’ll be happy to guide you through the entire process as smoothly as possible.

When you decide to start working with us, on top of a successful and seamless Shopware migration solution, we will:

  • Integrate your favorite systems into your new store. We can create the integrations you need – e.g. an ERP or PIM system.
  • Connect your local applications – we’ll help you connect payments, delivery, and customer service tools to your Shopify store.
  • Plan your Shopify store’s growth – when it comes to Shopify, we are experts! We’ll advise you about the systems you need to rapidly develop your online presence. We’ll help you scale up your business.

Why is it worth moving from Shopware to Shopify?

Our customers keep saying that Shopify is a truly world-class platform for the e-commerce market. And we believe them. The software offers so many add-ons you can implement. Also, the platform gives you your own ‘technology stack’ which reduces the risk and, at the same time, increases the control over your business. Here is why the Shopware to Shopify migration is a great step towards your development.

Shopify is an all-in-one solution

When you decide to run your store on Shopify, you have it all – website, hosting, and payment platform. The platform is incorporated with multiple features and tools that help business owners operate as smoothly as possible. It definitely surpasses Shopware’s capabilities as it creates tools for both online and offline retail. A massive number of features and extensive customization options make Shopify possess a larger market share than Shopware.

Shopify POS is a masterpiece

Shopify Point of Sales enables you to combine online and physical stores. You can manage and customize orders, offer special deals, view purchase history, etc. In the Shopify POS Dashboard, you will find in-store analytics and Omnichannel Selling – they will help you build amazing and effective marketing campaigns with no effort.

SEO tools

If you are an online store owner, you know that SEO is one of the most important things in e-commerce. Organic traffic cannot be overvalued and if you have the right SEO tools, your competitiveness steadily increases. Shopify platform is equipped with multiple SEO tools that will help you improve your website’s ranking in search engines and, in consequence, increase sales volumes.

shopify vs shopware market share


What data can be migrated from Shopware to Shopify?

Ready to start your Shopware migration? Let’s explain what data you can migrate to Shopify first!

  • Products: SKU, name, availability, description, price, special price, meta title, meta description, attitudes, quantity, size, weight, thumbnail images, manage stock.
  • Product categories with name, description, and metadata.
  • Manufacturer’s name.
  • Customers – name (first and last), email, billing address, shipping address, phone number.
  • Orders – date, status, price, quantity, special price, tax price, total price, order comments, customer name and billing address, shipping address, and phone number.
  • Reviews and comments.
  • Blogs with titles and media files.
  • CMS pages with titles and descriptions.
  • Design.
  • Applications – you can migrate existing apps or integrate new apps.

Why Shopify is better than Shopware for e-commerce in 2024

If you are looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective e-commerce platform, Shopify is the perfect choice for you. Shopify is a leading e-commerce solution that offers everything you need to run and grow your online store. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Shopify over Shopware:

7 amazing features that make Shopify such a good e-commerce platform

Shopify has a rich set of features that can help you create a stunning and successful online store. You can manage your products, orders, inventory, and customers with ease, thanks to Shopify’s intuitive and streamlined interface. You can also customize your store’s look and feel with hundreds of themes and apps that suit your brand and niche. Moreover, Shopify is constantly adding new features and improvements to its platform, such as customer segments, audiences, and automations. These features allow you to target your customers based on their behavior and preferences, create personalized marketing campaigns, and automate tasks and workflows.

Save money and time with Shopify’s affordable and flexible pricing plans

Shopify has flexible and transparent pricing plans that suit any budget and business size. You can choose from four plans, ranging from 5 to 399 dollars per month, depending on your needs and features. All plans include hosting, security, updates, and access to Shopify’s app store. You can also enjoy a 3-day free trial (+ 1 month for $1) to test out Shopify before committing to a plan. Suppose you are a high-growth brand that needs more scalability, flexibility, and support. In that case, you can opt for Shopify Plus, which is an enterprise-level e-commerce solution that offers advanced features, such as custom checkout, automation, analytics, and integrations.

Boost your sales and conversions with Shopify’s powerful marketing tools

Shopify offers a variety of marketing tools that can help you boost your sales and conversions. You can use them to create online advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. You can also use Shopify’s built-in analytics and reports to measure your marketing performance and optimize your strategies. Shopify also offers many useful automations that you can implement to reach out to your target audience at the right moment. You can set the timing and cool-down periods for your marketing campaigns, choose conditions that increase the chances of converting a user, and send automated emails and messages to recover abandoned carts, welcome new customers, or reward loyal ones.

Customize and enhance your store with Shopify’s apps and integrations

Shopify offers a modular system and over 1,000 extensions that can enhance your store’s functionality and appearance. You can find apps for various purposes, such as design, marketing, sales, customer service, shipping, inventory, and more. You can also integrate your store with third-party services and platforms, such as Mailchimp, Zapier, or Amazon. Shopify’s extensions are easy to install and configure, and most of them are free or affordable.

Why migrate from Shopware to Shopify with Incline Solutions?

If you want your Shopware to Shopify migration to be smooth and seamless, find a partner who will deliver the best Shopware migration solution tailor-made to your business. We are a team of professionals who will help you utilize the amazing Shopify infrastructure to run your online business better than ever. Also, we are ready to work with you on creating a compelling experience across all customer touchpoints. Our top-notch support is there for you 7 days a week, ready to help you solve urgent issues. We are in constant contact with our customers every day, no matter if they need big or small changes. In today’s world, time may mean everything, so we provide you with excellent ongoing support whenever you need us.

We have years of experience in e-commerce so you don’t have to worry – your migration process will be complete, professional, and as quick as possible. We’ll do our best to help you increase the value of your business, may it be targeting the right products and markets or developing new business models to expand your business network. Let us help you streamline your overall business operations and find the most effective solutions for your growth!

How much does it cost to migrate from Shopware to Shopify?

Both e-commerce platforms have different pricing plans, depending on the size of your business and your specific needs and requirements. You can easily find the best solution, no matter if you are a startup, a small online store taking its first steps on the online market, or an already functioning, rapidly developing company. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms out there – it offers many pricing plans so that you can be sure you will find the one that meets your needs well. Also, Shopify Plus is a great e-commerce solution if the volume of your online business is already large and still growing. Shopify Plus is also great for customization.

When it comes to the price of the migration process itself, it cannot be set before we get to know you and your business. We need to know what the size of your online store is and what data is to be transferred. Also, we will check if you only need to move your ecommerce platform’s data or maybe you also want to re-design your store and create a custom-built solution that e.g. requires integrations. Once we know you and your needs, we’ll be able to prepare a unique offer for you.

How to keep my SEO position during Shopware to Shopify migration?

The migration process may obviously have some SEO implications. You probably hate the idea of losing all your hard-earned domain authority, backlinks, and organic traffic – we get it really well. If the migration isn’t carried out properly and with a good plan, you may even lose half of your traffic within weeks of migrating. If you don’t set redirects, you will get 404 pages, and this is a signal for Google bots to stop crawling your pages. It of course causes your traffic flatline – no crawling means no indexing. So, this is a handy guide on how to keep your SEO position after you migrate from Shopware to Shopify:


  1. Before the migration, you should refresh the canonical link structure (it tells search engines which page you want to rank) and the SEO setup of your online store. You should consider the navigation structure (top-ranking pages and highest-value collections should be easily accessible through the site’s navigation). Think about collections (‘groups’ of similar products that are critical pages for SEO) and pages (you should audit and review the key ones).
  2. Also, you should back up everything, just in case anything goes wrong. Finally, time to set up 301 redirects from old URLs to new Shopify URLs – this is probably the most critical SEO step in the migration to Shopify. The easiest way to set them up is to export your old domain’s site index. You can do this directly from your store.
  3. And what about post-migration? Annotate launch in Google Analytics and submit new Sitemap to Google and Bing. Then, time to outreach to the highest-authority backlinks to get them to update to new URLs if possible and recrawl the old website.

How long does it take to migrate from Shopware to Shopify?

It is impossible to say how long your migration from Shopware to Shopify will last. It depends on the size of your store and the number of products, customers, and orders that are to be transferred. However, we guarantee that the migration process will not last longer than just a few weeks. We know what to pay attention to when moving to Shopify so the process will be seamless, and it won’t break your website’s performance.

Why is it worth choosing an agency for Shopify migration?

Sure, you can proceed with your Shopify migration manually. However, there is a risk of breaking your store performance and for sure, the migration will last much longer than when carried out by experts. Why choose an agency, then?


  • You don’t need any coding or technical knowledge.
  • The migration will be lightning fast.
  • No downtime – you keep selling while we’re migrating your store.
  • You can customize the entire process according to your needs.
  • You get professional support.
  • We receive years of experience and the latest technologies.
  • We’ll help you accelerate your growth!

Reach out to us to get the details!

Can I migrate several languages to Shopify?

No, Shopify does not support multilingual stores by default. If you want to offer your store in different languages, you have two options:

  1. Use an app that will allow you to translate your storefront into multiple languages. There are many apps available in the Shopify app store that can help you with this, such as Shopify Translate & Adapt official app.
  2. Create separate stores for each language and link them together. This option requires more work and maintenance, but it gives you more control over your store’s design and functionality. You can use Shopify’s multi-store feature to manage your stores from one dashboard.

How do we work?

Fill out the contact form, tell us about your expansion plans and we will help you come up with the most efficient Shopify development strategy that suits you and your business’ future. We have experience in creating international ecommerce stores. You’re in good hands.