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Przelewy24 Integration

Przelewy24 is one of the most popular Polish payment providers. With our integration, you can connect it with Shopify in just a few clicks.

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Covers all Polish banks

Przelewy24 is a fast and reliable payment gateway. It has a wide range of payment methods and accepts payments from all Polish banks.

Direct integration

Connect your Przelewy24 account with your Shopify store. Bypass third-party tools like Mollie to collect payments from Polish customers.

Quick installation

The installation is super easy. We will be responsible for the app maintenance and keeping it updated.

How does it work?

When the Przelewy24 Shopify app is connected, your customers can use the Przelewy24 payment provider to pay for their order. They can choose one of all payment methods that are available at Przelewy24.

Secure experience

Przelewy24 is a secure and trusted payment gateway in Poland. It helps you keep customer data safe and sound. Plus, a lot of Polish consumers recognize Przelewy24 and feel confident about it.

Works on all devices

The app is compatible with any screen size and device that your customers may use to buy products in your Shopify store. You can keep your purchase rate high without fear of cart abandonment.

Can I install the Przelewy24 + Shopify integration by myself?

Since we keep the app on our own servers, our developer will install the Przelewy24 app for you. All you need is an active account at Przelewy24 and a Shopify store.

How much does it cost to install the Przelewy24 integration?

The installation cost is 1000 PLN. Then, it is free to use for Shopify merchants who don’t exceed 6000 PLN monthly transaction revenue. For those who exceed this limit, we charge a low percentage of the transaction.

How long does it take to install the Przelewy24 app?

 It takes a couple of hours for our developer to install and wait for activation. After that time, the store is ready to work with Przelewy24.

What are the transaction costs?

You need to consult Przelewy24 about their transaction costs. When it comes to us, we make the app free of transaction costs for shops that earn less than 6000 PLN in transactions.

What type of payment methods are available?

It depends on the Przelewy24 payment provider. Whatever is available with that provider, you can have it in your store. It includes BLIK, credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

Download now and start selling

Download the resource and if you need any help – reach out to us. We help brands build, optimize and grow Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. We have a reasonable rating system that fits every budget.

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